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AluK by Aluxor Indonesia
AluK, a Global Leader in Aluminium Construction Systems

We pride ourselves on having a global reach, yet retaining the “home-grown” local touch. We proudly remain a family-owned and family-run business, driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit. As a global business, our central goal is to help build a better and brighter future, by creating living spaces in which real people live, learn, work, and grow.

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Who We Are

AluK is a global leader in the engineering, distribution and design of aluminium windows, doors, and facade solutions.

Founded over 70 years ago, AluK has become a major player in the aluminium construction systems sector, and currently runs operations in 10 countries. We have served over 2,600 clients in more than 50 countries across the globe, and have joined forces with over 800 collaborators.

Although we have a global reach, we retain the “home-grown” local touch and proudly remain a family-owned and family-run business. We are driven by the spirit of entrepreneurship, with solid European roots. Our head office is based in Luxembourg.

Our goal is to achieve sustainable growth through ongoing product innovation, technical expertise, and expansion into new markets.

Our philosophy is to maintain a professional, yet personal, approach with both our clients and our suppliers.

In addition, we carry out extensive research into each of our markets and develop aluminium construction systems which are tailor-made specifically for its requirements. At the same time, we not only meet, but exceed, the required demands and regulations.

This focused, customised approach ensures a stronger and more successful relationship with our clients. Our expert services and tailor-made approach enables us to optimally support the needs of each individual market.

Our aluminium construction systems are suitable for both renovations and the construction of new buildings across all sectors, from commercial and industrial buildings, to residential and public access constructions.

Driven by Our Commitment

As a global business, our commitment is to help build a better and brighter future, by creating living spaces in which real people live, learn, work, and grow.  “Better” means more sustainable, more efficient, safer, and more comfortable.

Our vision is to become your preferred international partner for the construction of aluminium windows, doors and facades. We create products that not only provide smart technology, but which are also carbon-reduced and highly energy-efficient.

We aim to achieve this goal by:

  • continually improving the quality of our products and services

  • supporting our trusted network of manufacturers and installation experts to grow their businesses

  • enhancing the quality of life for every person who uses our products

  • improving our approach to how we work and operate, adapting it to the world of today and the world of tomorrow.


We are committed to creating a brighter future.

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